Made a new friend?

I created an account on MyFadingObessions and it’s literally a cool website that gives “proana” forum from the early 2010s vibes, this is what I am looking for, I will try to find more of these websites. There is a public chat on the website so you can talk to others, out of confusion, I sent a message and I got a reply from this user. She casually just ask what is my safe food and she tells me hers are marshmallows and frosting, which I replied with my safe food that I have been consuming more lately, coffee + chocolate, which it’s really comforting to drink and makes me feel full. We kept talking for a little, like we knew each other when in reality we didn’t even know each other’s names.

But I felt really welcomed on the website, I am not sure how active I will be though, I am trying to understand the website enough to start posting and (maybe) interacting comfortably.

The concerning rise of toxicity on edtwt.

Lately, I have been witnessing the way people on edtwt are getting called out by non-edtwt users, which I can understand why. There is a concerning rise of toxicity on edtwt, with teenage kids thinking they are superior because they are at a lowest weight and to make it worse, they are white so they are racist to POC people. I can’t believe I am witnessing the rise of fatphobia, racism, homophobia, transphobia and general bigoted behavior all over edtwt when back in 2021, I joined and it was a rare thing to see.

Recently I saw a callout about edtwt’s toxic behavior that had 90k likes which honestly, it was valid. I don’t understand why having an ED will make you turn into a mean person. I don’t understand how being disordered makes you a fatphobic person, isn’t the whole concept of having an ED is worrying about your own weight? Why worry about others? And it doesn’t make absolute sense how you are on edtwt just to be bigoted when you are here to talk about your eating disorder, not being mean to others? I am seeing the rise of “Catholic” girls (which honestly, I don’t believe they are and they are simply using it as an aesthetic), justifying their bigoted mindset and fatphobia by being catholic?

One college girl got backlash because she was speaking horribly about an overweight person who was simply only putting on makeup, the quote tweet of that tweet got 100k likes which led to the entire harassment which, honestly, it was 100% deserved. This specific person was around on edtwt making fun of everyone a few months ago and now they got what they deserved. To make it better, these people found out the college she goes so I am assuming someone is going to contact the college about what she was posting. I love when everything you say on the internet has awful consequences and you don’t get away with it.

I would talk more but it’s a long list of the toxic chaos I have witnessed when I was on edtwt, but because of these people, it’s why edtwt has a horrible reputation and it’s even more sad that non-edtwt and non-disordered people now generalize us to be those kind of people. I was thinking to come back for the fourth time but that was a good and strong reminder to not come back at all. I am not coming back ever again. I recently found an ED website and I feel more safe because you can talk about anything but these kind of behavior are not allowed. To make it better, it’s a late 2000s/early 2010s website, which is more comforting.

missingdata14 [2023]